Top Products For Celebrating National Lipstick Day

Lips wearing Alcone Red from Formula Z Cosmetics

Happy National Lipstick Day! According to the National Day Calendar website, the idea behind this designation of July 29th is to encourage people to show off their favorite shade. So, in honor of this day celebrating our favorite makeup category, here are some of the most popular lip products for creating your perfect pout.

Formula Z Cosmetics 4Ever Lips Liquid Lipstick $18
Formula Z Cosmetics 4Ever Lips Liquid Lipstick $18
(Model in featured image wears Alcone Red)


While the past year did present some challenges (aka masks) to our beauty routines, what a resourceful group we lipstick lovers are! Liquid lipsticks became the go-to choice for many thanks to their built-in smudge-proof formula, and LipChic also rose to the occasion. This lipstick sealer has been used for decades to keep traditional lipstick formulas in place during kissing scenes in all kinds of productions–soap operas, broadway shows, and even weddings. While there are a few steps to applying this product for best color adhesion–mainly blotting and layering–the results are worth it if your signature shade is not already a transfer-proof formula.


The exciting news is lip color in all its forms is surging in demand among the masses, so not only our beloved bullets but lip liner pencils too! Most likely due to the ’90s influence in beauty right now, but also because they offer a painless, temporary, and affordable way to enhance the natural lip shape.


Lip gloss is the must-have beauty product of the summer! With no way to make it wearable under a mask, the outdoor events of the season have lips shining with glee. We’re also loving high-shine metallic lip colors saturated with sparkle and the way they gleam in the sun and under the moonlight.


Professional makeup artists love these lipstick palettes for the convenience (no de-potting necessary) and the beautiful range of shades . They’re also great for personal use. Especially if you’re the kind of lipstick lover that likes to bring color options while traveling but also wants to pack minimally.

You’ll no doubt need a fabulous case to both carry all your favorites and to proclaim your devotion proudly. The Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Lipstick Lovers Bag was designed for people just like us–unapologetic lovers of all things lipstick–with lots of glitter and a bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

If you’re curious to know the inspiration behind the words on this ultra-sparkling bad, check out Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Launches Today!


These are just a few of the brands and products available at Alcone Company. Visit us to see more!

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