The Multifunctional Magic of Jao

Jao Brand is truly a leader when it comes to creating multifunctional products made with natural ingredients. For professional makeup artists, this can be a key factor when choosing what goes into our kits. Mainly because spaces tends to be a hot commodity, but also because of the great value that comes with the ability to use an item multiple ways.

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jao hand seed oil goe
From L to R: Jao Hand Refresher, SEED Face Oil, Goe Oil

Jao Hand Refresher has been a pro staple for years because it has an essential job of sanitizing hands while working with clients on set. This best smelling hand sanitizer contains Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oils, making it a natural antiseptic. SO, you can also use it as an aftershave, facial toner, “zit zapper” and even an underarm deodorant. A terrific choice if you like to pack light during travel.

Speaking of travel, Seed Face Oil is a dream companion! This lightweight formula contains a blend of 9 seed oils, including Marula, Sunflower and Coconut Oils, and absorbs quickly into the skin to hydrate and smooth the appearance of fine lines. The convenient size fits in the palm of your hand and the rollerball delivers mess-free, on-the-go application.

If you need more intensive moisture, whether from dry skin year-round or due to the cold winter months, Goe Oil is an excellent solution. This unique, semi-solid oil liquefies on contact and provides luxurious, nourishing benefits through 28 types of fruit and flower oils. Just a small amount is needed to hydrate and revive the skin’s softness on your face, hands and body. It can also be used as a makeup mixer to add a touch of “dew” to your foundation, an eye makeup remover and a hair styling oil.


jao coiffette lip
From L to R: Jao BeardScent, Coiffette, Lip Balm

If you want to show some extra love to your hair and nails, Bomades™ are solid oils that can be used to style hair or tame flyaways, condition facial hair and pamper cuticles. The retro-inspired tin packaging looks cool, and it’s also sturdy and compact to fit in your makeup bag, Dopp kit, or even your pocket. BeardScent is naturally fragranced with Wood, Citrus and Patchouli, and Coiffette with Frankincense, Fir and Patchouli.

Don’t forget the lips! Lip Butter Balm contains a blend of natural oils and butters. It protects the delicate skin of the lips, helping to keep them flake-free for perfect lip color applications. It also works nicely for men’s grooming as it moisturizes without looking shiny. Plus, you can also use it to condition lips while you sleep as part of your nighttime skincare regimen. Just swipe it on, get in bed and fill your night with sweet dreams of softer lips in the morning!

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