TEMPTU Professional Airbrush Makeup is Here!

TEMPTU has been an innovator of professional makeup products ever since its origin as the temporary body art expert and up through today. It continues to provide advanced technology and products that deliver flawless beauty looks. Whether by traditional application or by airbrush (the most hygienic method since there’s no need to touch the face), you’re in control of how you create. Here are some of the best-selling products you can find at Alcone Company.

The TEMPTU Air is a handheld, cordless airbrush device that applies makeup faster than other methods, and–because there’s no contact with the face–it’s also extremely hygienic. The Airpod Pro is an empty cartridge attachment that allows you to fill, mix and customize shades just like a traditional airbrush. It has three different speed settings–light, medium and full–and a specially-engineered SoftTouch Control so you can do everything from precision detail work to covering large areas of the body quickly and easily. The TEMPTU Next Generation Kit includes the TEMPTU Air, two Airpod Pros and an Airpod Cleaning Brush. You can also use the pre-filled Airpods (sold separately) with this device.

Alcone Makeup Temptu Next Generation Airbrush Kit

TEMPTU Next Generation Kit $220

TEMPTU Airpod™ Airbrush Root Touch-up Hair Color is a quick and easy way to touch up hair color regrowth between colorist appointments. The vitamin-enriched formula provides a natural-looking coverage that blends seamlessly and leaves hair soft and touchable, not dull or sticky. And no need to fear rainy days because it’s both transfer and water-resistant but also easily washes out with shampoo.

TEMPTU root touch up

TEMPTU Airpod Airbrush Root Touch-up Hair Color  $35 each

TEMPTU CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum is a skincare treatment that also works well to prep skin before makeup application. This multitasking face serum helps fight the 7 core signs of aging with a powerful blend of natural botanical ingredients. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps the skin look brighter and more smooth. Plus, it smells truly delightful!

Alcone Makeup Temptu CORE7 Serum

TEMPTU CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum Bottle $45, Airpod $52.

TEMPTU S/B Foundation is the brand’s original formulation that provides a natural-looking dewy finish, buildable coverage and long wear. It’s easily applied with an airbrush, sponge or fingers. Available individually or as a Starter Set that includes all 12 shades in the .25 oz size.

Alcone Makeup SB Foundation

TEMPTU S/B Foundation, 1oz $29.50

TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Foundation is a semi-matte, fast-drying formula that delivers a beautiful, natural-looking finish. It contains nourishing ingredients for added skincare benefits and is long-wearing and transfer-resistant. Available in 24 shades and also four 6-shade Starter Sets.

Alcone Makeup Temptu Perfect Canvas Foundation

TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Foundation Bottle $36, Airpod$48. 

TEMPTU S/B Wheels each contain 5 silicone-based shades designed to work seamlessly with the foundations, in a compact circular palette. Use them to conceal, cover, and correct for a perfectly flawless complexion. A pro-artist favorite!

Alcone Makeup Temptu Wheels

TEMPTU S/B Concealer Wheel & Neutralizer Wheel, $26 each

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