Small Beauty Tools That Make a Big Difference

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We’ve all heard the saying “size doesn’t matter,” but when it comes to beauty tools, it does! Smaller is better for precision and detail, which are both very important to professional makeup artists. And, if you’re a perfectionist when it comes to your own appearance, we know you can definitely relate. So with that in mind, here are some small beauty tools that can make a big difference for makeup and grooming and some tips on how to use them.


Facial hair can affect both a makeup application and how the talent looks on camera. There are times when it’s a plus and then other times when it’s not. For the latter situations—and when plucking or shaving is not an option—these tools are a treasure!

The Alcone Company Twissor is a tiny scissor that cuts hair extremely close to the skin but without causing redness or irritation like tweezing can. That means if your client is growing out their brows, you can clean away the hairs without disturbing the regrowth process. It’s also handy for men’s grooming, especially for trimming those tiny hairs that grow on top of the nose or removing a strand that got missed during shaving.

Alcone Company Twissor $18

HOW TO USE: Hold the Twissor by the handles with your thumb and forefinger. Place the blades gently against the area you want to trim, then squeeze the handles to cut.

Tweezerman is known for its high quality, innovative beauty tools like the Facial Hair Scissors. It has precision blades curved to work with facial contours and rounded tips for safely trimming beards and mustaches. It’s equally fantastic for cutting away vellus hair, aka peach fuzz, too!

Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors. $12.50
Facial Hair Scissors

HOW TO USE: Hold securely using the finger loops with the blades curved away from the skin. Trim away hairs as needed.


Eyelashes are the crowning glory of a beautiful makeup application, so it’s no surprise there are many beauty tools for enhancing them.

The Prima Curl Up is another small tool that’s indispensable because you can customize the eyelash curl effect. For example, if you’re creating period makeup looks or a character that requires more subtlety, a doll-like curl across the entire lash line may not be appropriate. With the Prima Curl Up, you can flare just the outer lashes or create roundness by lifting the center area. It’s also a lifesaver when dealing with that downward stray hair that can’t be captured by a traditional lash curler.

Prima Curl Up Eyelash Curler $28
Curl Up Eyelash Curler

HOW TO USE: Position the Prima Curl Up at the base of the lash hairs (pad side on the bottom). Then, firmly squeeze. Repeat as needed.

The Lash Star Beauty Lash Styler Brush is a tool that everyone needs. It has super fine teeth for combing through and separating tiny hairs, and it removes excess mascara without disturbing fullness. If you apply false lashes, use it to make sure the natural hairs are going in the same direction by gently brushing them into place. An obvious difference between them can detract from an otherwise perfect eye look.

Lash Star Beauty Lash Styler Brush $18
Lash Styler Brush

HOW TO USE: This brush is pretty straightforward ; however, for best perfomance be sure to keep it clean by washing it with a gentle soap and cold water.


Brushes are an obsession for professional makeup artists because the quest for perfection never ends. These application tools help achieve that goal.

Bdellium Tools has many styles of makeup brushes and these are just a couple of pro favorites. Both are from the popular vegan Studio series and both are excellent for detail work. The Studio 548 Dagger Lip has a straight and a curved side for executing the perfect lip with control and precision.

Bdellium Tools Studio 548 Dagger Lip Brush $9
Studio 548 Dagger Lip Brush

HOW TO USE: Use the curved side to create crisp edges on rounded areas. For painting straight edges, flip it over. Use both sides for the perfect lip!

The Studio 729 Duet Fiber Bent Mascara Fan is another must-have tool for its unique shape. It has a bent angle and a head that measures only about 1/4″ wide. This allows you to reach the base of the lash hairs easily–critical when applying dark mascara to light eyelashes. Plus, the duel fiber bristles minimize both clumping and smearing.

Bdellium Tools Studio Duet Fiber Bent Mascara Fan Brush $9
Studio Duet Fiber Bent Mascara Fan Brush

HOW TO USE: Pick up mascara product with brush and gently remove any excess. Direct the bent angle so the bristles can reach and brush mascara from the base to the tip of the lashes.

If you’re a fan of a smoky eye, smudgy pencil, or bold drop shadow, this is a tool you need! The Alcone Company Precision Smoke Brush has a tapered dome head made with vegan bristles that are firm enough to blend pigments while soft enough to feel comfortable during repetitive motion. If you have sensitive eyes prone to tearing up, you know how incredibly important this is.

Alcone Company Precision Smoke Brush $8
Precision Smoke Brush

HOW TO USE: The Precision Smoke Brush could not be easier to use! Just pick up eyeshadow pigment and apply and blend as you desire. For smudging a long-wearing eye pencil, be sure to work quickly before the product sets. See How To Clean Makeup Brushes Like A Pro.

These are just a few of the beauty tools professional makeup artists swear by when it comes to creating flawless looks. To find these and many more, visit Alcone Company.

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