SFX Makeup 101: The Basic Kit

As the spooky season stalks nearer, we are accustomed to hearing more questions about special effects makeup. The most common one being, “I’m doing effects for the first time. What do I need?” To answer that, we put together this guide to some of the products we recommend so can take on Halloween and beyond!

The right colors are everything for creating your look.

Ben Nye Professional FX Wheels are great for beginners. They contain multiple creme colors (3,4, or 6 depending on theme), making them economical for your wallet and your kit. The Rainbow Wheel is an ideal starting point. You can use the creams as bold and bright colors or use color theory to mix other shades too. Others like the Zombie, Death, and MonsterWheels are also awesome because they have specific colors for creating those particular effects.

Ben Nye Crem Color Professional FX Wheels in Zombie, Bright, and Death.
Professional FX Wheels

Three-dimensional effects add realism to SFX and character makeup.

3rd Degree Silicone Modeling Compound is excellent for adding wounds or texture to the skin. The 2-part kit comes in colors and clear, and you can sculpt right on the skin. Once it cures, it will keep its shape and stay flexible. Pro Tip: choose the color closest to your skin tone so you’re halfway there. Then add makeup or fake blood to make cuts, scars, and burns, or whatever you envision for you character.

Silicone Modeling Compound 2 oz Kit

Gluing on prosthetics, facial hair and more.

If you’re taking the plunge with come cool pre-made prosthetic pieces or need some facial facial haor for your character, you will also need an adhesive to attach them. There are many kinds to choose from depending on your experience level and budget, but because this post assumes you’re just starting out with effects makeup, we recommend Ben Nye Spirt Gum. This matte adhesive that is very newbie-friendly because it’s a mild formula that has good hold. Just remember to always have a remover on hand.

Ben Nye Spirit Gum comes in many sizes.
Spirit Gum
$10 – $50

One product with many special effects uses.

Alcone Company Liquid Latex is an SFX staple for classic techniques like using tissue to create scars or applying it over taut skin for old age makeup effects. It’ also widely used for sealing prosthetics and stippling the edges to blend them into the skin, so if you’re thinking about adding a nose, chin or some horns, you may want to grab some.

Liquid Latex
$7.50 – $90

What is special effects makeup without fake blood?

Alcone Company Stage Blood is an excellent choice for adding fake blood effects. This bright blood lends itself well to gruesome effects, and is available in size up to a gallon making it an economical option for Halloween Haunt events that need lots of blood on a budget. It’s also washable out of most fabrics!

Alcone Company Stage Blood comes in sizes starting at 1 ounce.
Stage Blood
$9 – $130

Effects brushes are a must.

You will most definitely not want to use your regular makeup brushes for special effects, so we recommend the Dick Smith Brush Set. It includes six brushes from wide paddles to tapered tips, allowing you to create broad strokes to detailed effects. These synthetic fiber brushes are great for working with cream makeup and other special effects products, and the affordable price is pretty fantastic as well!

DICK SMITH Brush Set $18
Brush Set

Special effects makeup represents a world of possibilities. With these products and a little practice, you’ll wow your friends and family with your incredible SFX makeup skills.

Visit Alcone Company to see more see more SFX products for beginners and seasoned pros.

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