Otherworldly Beings: Halloween Makeup by Angela DiCarlo

Mythical characters, rock ‘n’ roll idols, and whatever lies between are the theme of this year’s Alcone Company Halloween makeup campaign designed and executed by makeup artist Angela DiCarlo. Each unique look takes pop culture, high glam, and colorful kitsch and blends them all together in the most fantastical way. It is our delight to introduce you to them along with the products used so you can make them your own. And now… say hello to the Otherworldly Beings!


Twinning hard with Siouxsie Sioux

Prudence Dearly Product List


If Jambi was a glam rocker.

Jean Genie Product List


A grand nod to performance artist Leigh Bowery

Club ICON Product List


She’s got the looks that STILL.

Mother Medusa Product List

Happy Halloween!

From beauty to bloody, Alcone Company has everything you need to create spellbinding character makeups like these. Visit us!

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