Makeup Artist Essentials for Your Pro Kit

We’re often asked by artists who are just starting out, “What products do I need in my professional makeup kit?” While personal preference, technique, and the gig at hand will play a large part in many of the products you choose, this is a guide to the basic essentials—or must-haves—we recommend for your pro kit no matter what project you’re working on.

Start with makeup-friendly skin prep.

Clean and supple skin is where a great application begins. Bioderma Sensibio H2O on a cotton pad allows you to quickly wipe away oil and any makeup residue without drying or irritating sensitive skin—a must for those multiple makeup-change days. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is a skincare star because it moisturizes and primes the skin for makeup, leaving a smooth canvas with a dewy glow, so you’re already off to a great start!

Sensibio H2O
$5.99 – $18.99
Lait-Crème Concentré
$16 – $29

Have plenty of tools on hand.

Alcone Company Professional Makeup Brushes are high-quality vegan brushes at affordable prices available in sets or individually. That means you can have multiples of your most-used styles in your kit (and not worry about cleaning and drying time between faces). Of course, you’ll also need various disposable tools and a container to organize and protect them. Our Bamboo Disposable Applicator Kit quickly checks this off of your makeup kit shopping list.

Professional Makeup Brush 12-Piece Set
Bamboo Disposable Applicator Set

Be prepared for anything and anyone.

Kryolan Dermacolor Mini Palette has 16 shades of highly pigmented camouflage cream for concealing dark circles and other skin discolorations. You can also thin it with Makeup-up Blend, moisturizer, or facial oil to adjust the coverage for a foundation in a pinch! Ppowders from very fair to deep skin tones are also essential. Ben Nye Poudre Palettes each contain 8 shades in a space-saving, compact case.

Dermacolor Mini Palette
Poudre Palettes

Have options for different situations.

In addition to powder, a professional makeup kit must have other methods to control shine. Mehron TouchUp Anti-Shine Gel is transparent with a sheer tint for use under, over, or without makeup. It’s especially great for dealing with high glare too intense for powder (like reflective bald spots). Alcone Company Face-Matte Sheets remove shine by absorbing oil from the skin without depositing any product, so it stays as natural looking as possible—crucial for those extreme closeups!

TouchUp Anti-Shine Gel
Face-Matte Oil Absorbing Sheets

Make a great first impression.

The presentation of your makeup station is important. MYKITCO™ My Tidy Towel provides a clean area to set out your products and protect the surface underneath from any makeup spillage—especially crucial when working your client’s home. And while not the most glamorous product purchase you will make, you need facial tissues at your station and in your set bag (this Kleenex box fits tissue holder pockets nicely). A famous actor once commented during a shoot, ” The best makeup artists always have tissues.” A true story—and words to live by!

My Tidy Towel
Facial Tissues

These are just a few of the must-haves in a professional makeup artist’s kit. To see more brands and products, visit us online or at our NYC Store.

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