How To Use Professional Makeup Tools at Home

Professional makeup artists use a variety of products and tools, whether for makeup application or for maintaining a clean and organized kit. There are many must-haves for the pro, and you’ve no doubt come across them on the Alcone Company website but may have passed them by, unaware of how handy they are at home too. Here are a few of my favorite pro tools (in no particular order) that I’ve adopted into my personal beauty routine and now can’t imagine life without them.



Makeup artists have mastered the art of palette making because it’s a convenient way to carry multiple products, and it’s also a large part of the creative process. For home use, Vueset empty palettes are an excellent tool for freeing up space by helping you get rid of bulky makeup packaging, especially when products are no longer full. They’re also easier to carry when traveling so you can have cream foundation, concealer, blush, contour, and highlight products in one lightweight, space-saving palette!

Viking Jack Palette

I’ve also pared down my powder eyeshadow and blush compacts into two magnetic palettes: one go-to eye, one go-to cheek. The best part is because they’re more visible, I’m using them all and not repeatedly purchasing the same colors because I can easily see what I already have. Note that doing this means removing the pans of makeup from the original packaging, a task made infinitely easier by the Z Potter device.

Assorted magnetic palettes from Make Up For Ever and Z Palette.
Make Up For Ever & Z Palette Empty Magnetic Palettes


The best way to keep your skincare clean, your concealer pristine, and your favorite blush your favorite, is by using a spatula. According to the FDA website, dipping fingers into a product introduces microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi (mold and yeast), which is usually controlled by the preservative system. But why take a chance? Cross-contamination can also damage your products by adding dirt and oil into the container, and it can also alter your favorite shade if another color sneaks in–even if it’s only a tiny amount! I’d also like to point out that using a spatula is a must for protecting a fabulous manicure. Depending on your needs or personal preference, you can choose from a metal makeup spatula or packs of disposable plastic or bamboo spatulas.

Alcone makeup spatulas
Alcone Company Disposable Bamboo & Metal Makeup Spatulas


Mixing palettes provide professional artists with a clean surface for working with the various products transplanted via spatula. This pro tool is also a useful thing to have at home if you’re the type who loves to mix colors or perhaps blend up a custom glitter lip gloss, such as I. It also helps me keep track of my skincare routine, so I don’t forget a step. A row of dollops on a palette is an effective visual reminder to follow through all the way.

alcone makeup mixing palettes
ESUM Pro Palette Set & MyKitCo. My Play Palette both come with a makeup spatula.


Yes, it’s adorable, but this tiny scissor is also indispensable! There are times when plucking that forgotten hair is not possible because you cannot risk causing red blotches before a special event. The Twissor is angled so you can lay the scissor blades flat against the skin to cut away stray eyebrow, chin, and lip hairs for a super close cut. I cannot stress enough the importance this little tool has in both my pro kit and personal grooming routine.

alcone makeup twissor
Twissor Tool


Professional brush cleaners allow makeup artists to sanitize brushes while on the job because they have a much faster drying time than washing with a brush shampoo or soap and water. It’s very convenient to have one at home too. As someone with very sensitive eyes, making sure my eyeshadow and liner brushes are clean each time I use them is a top priority, even when I’m too busy (lazy) to wash them. Plus, brushes perform much better when they’re free of makeup residue.

alcone makeup brush cleaner
Professional Brush Cleaners from Cinema Secrets,
Dante Professional and Parian Spirit.


Last but certainly not least is makeup sanitizer, a product made for professional use that should be in the home of every makeup user. Especially if there’s a makeup-loving teen in your home or you’re an adult prone to breakouts. While this product is not a solution for skin issues, it is a solution for removing bacteria from makeup products. Plus, it also keeps oils from building up on pressed powder products so they stay clean and in great condition as long as possible.

BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer next to a box of Sanitizing Wipes.
Cosmetic Sanitizing Mist & Cinema Secret Makeup Sanitizing Spray

If you’re considering adding professional tools and products like these to your home routine, I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or want to share how you use them, please comment below. You can also visit our Beauty Tools section to see more. Thanks for reading!

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