Glamour Ghouls Halloween Makeup by Starr Blackshere

Disco Devil Halloween Makeup

Meet the Glamour Ghouls, four Halloween looks created for Alcone Company by professional makeup artist Starr Blackshere. Each character cleverly combines her beauty sensibility with some of the season’s traditional themes. We hope they inspire you and your creativity with great ideas for our favorite spooky season. And now, here they are–along with the products Starr used to create them–the captivating Glamour Ghouls.

DIVA of the DEAD

Her beauty haunts you day and night.

Diva of the Dead skull Halloween makeup

Diva of the Dead Product List


Her brows are on fleek while havoc she wreaks.

GlamMummy Halloween makeup

Glam Mummy Product List


She owns the dance floor… and your soul.

Disco Devil Halloween Makeup

Disco Devil Product List


She gets away with murder wherever she goes.

Halloween Doll Makeup

Evil Brat Product List

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From beauty to bloody, Alcone Company has everything you need for Halloween.

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