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Whether it’s a holiday, birthday or just to say, “I love you,” the pressure of gifting can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t know what a particular loved one in your life is enthusiastic about. The good news is, if that particular loved one is into makeup on some level or another, we’re here to help you identify their type and provide some suggestions for finding the perfect gift.


We all know one. The Makeup Minimalist works magic with very little, typically relying on some great basics to keep them looking fresh and pulled together, without a lot of effort. Here are a few products that can enhance your Minimalist’s collection without weighing them down.

Kevyn Aucoin, The Eyelash Curler

A phenomenal lash curler can unlock a beautiful eye with little to no effort. The Eyelash Curler is just that. It’s lightweight and has a wider than average cage so it leaves no lash uncurled. It also comes with an extra curling pad so when it’s time to replace the curler, you can just pop in the new insert and keep on curling!

Kevyn Aucoin, The Volume Mascara

After lashes are curled just right, enhancing them by using a great mascara will help frame the eye. The Volume Mascara has a unique skinny brush that makes it easy to reach every lash hair and the formula’s tubing technology adds volume and length while still looking natural.

RMS Beauty Signature Sets

A solid makeup staple to unify any makeup look is a great blush. The Signature Sets are handy compacts come with two Lip2Cheek shades for your Minimalist to choose from (or mix together!). Each set also contains two highlighter products that create a natural-looking gleam and the Lip & Skin Balm for extra nourishing and softening benefits– a major plus in these winter months!


The Beauty Enthusiast knows all things makeup. They get excited about new products revealed on Instagram, devour tutorial videos and visit makeup stores just see to see what’s new. They know the latest trends when it comes to color, techniques and even ingredients. Sometimes they can feel impossible to shop for, but we’ve got goodies they’ll go ga-ga for!

Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes

Viseart is synonymous with professional makeup and in a market that’s saturated with eyeshadow choices, it can be daunting to choose, especially for the discerning Beauty Enthusiast. You can feel confident knowing that these eyeshadow palettes have gained industry-wide accolades for years for their beautiful shades and exceptional formulations. If you want to be a gift-giving hero for anyone who LOVES makeup, these palettes will be sure to win that title for you!

Lemonhead SpaceJams

Glitter is back in a big way and if you’ve got a makeup lover in your life, then chances are they also love sparkling accents. Lemonhead is the must-have glitter brand and Alcone Company has collaborated with them to create two exclusive Spacejam Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm that aren’t available anywhere else in the world! The first is Alconeholic: a beautiful teal and pink blend with gobs of holographic stars. The second is Curtain Call: a true ruby red that’s evocative of red velvet curtains, but sparkles like the legendary ruby red slippers. They can be used on the face, hair and body, allowing your makeup lover to shine bright like a star wherever they go!

Danessa Myricks Beauty Luxe Cream Palettes

Beauty Enthusiasts love to experiment and the Luxe Cream Palettes allows them to do just that. There two palettes to choose from that each palette contains 12 beautiful lip colors they can use to explore their creativity and express their various moods, just by changing their lip color!


I’m going to let you in on a little secret: despite the glamorous lifestyle that many people think professional artists have, we spend an awful lot of time rearranging, organizing and cleaning our kits and tools in between gigs. These gift suggestions are made with the idea of helping the makeup artist in your life take on these necessary tasks with ease (and maybe even a lot more fun!).

Z Potter

Professional artists spend a lot of time customizing palettes with their favorite cream and powder products. While this is a beloved ritual, it can be not only time-consuming but cause a certain risk of heartache when favorite products are broken or destroyed during the depotting process. The Z Potter has eliminated this problem by offering a safe and reliable way to depot eyeshadows, blushes and other powder products as well as melt cream products neatly into compartments of empty palettes and pans without making a mess.

Beauty Blender Pro Pac

Another staple in the pro kit is the Beauty Blender and just like brushes, they need to be cleaned and sanitized between each client. There’s no quick way to dry them, so having multiples is a must for any busy artist. The Pro Pac contains 10 Beauty Blenders in pro-favored black, making this the perfect gift for them and an amazing deal for you by knocking about $75 off the cost of buying them individually.

StylPro Brush Cleaner

Makeup brushes are some of the most important tools that a professional artist owns. In fact, most have duplicates of their favorite styles which means that cleaning and maintaining them can be quite a chore, not to mention the amount of space that brushes can take up while drying. The StylPro Brush Cleaner is a device that uses centrifugal force to easily clean and quickly dry makeup brushes so they can be put away immediately or used again right away!


In a world where filmmaker’s imaginations run wild, the FX makeup artist reigns supreme by bringing fantastic characters and creatures to life, while also making the impossible seem possible. The FX Artist needs to be able to think quickly and solve problems creatively. These gift ideas will help do just that.

M.E.L. Products Creature Feature Cup Holders

These super cool Creature Feature Cup Holders from Makeup Effects Lab securely holds two CC Cups, helping to avoid spills while also paying homage to monster movie classics. Choose from The Wolfman, The Mummy, Dracula and other classics for a spooky set up they’ll love!

Dick Smith Brush Set

SFX makeup brushes take a beating on set and that means you have to have extras on hand as once they’re done, they’re done! That’s why the extras should be what Dick Smith, the Godfather of special effects makeup, used. Synthetic fibers are fantastic for working with alcohol-based makeup, adhesives, latex and other types of effects materials. The Dick Smith Brush Set comes with 6 brushes of various sizes and styles and at such a cost-effective price point, your artist’s heart won’t break when it comes time to toss them.

European Body Art Encore Palette

European Body Art’s Encore Palettes are a must-have for every FX artist’s kit. Each one contains 10 alcohol-activated makeup colors that have been carefully selected for specific FX makeup applications. The portable cases are extremely lightweight and the best part is, the colors can be replaced by purchasing the refill pans. Jumpstart their collection with a Primary or Skin palette or dive right into the gory, fun stuff with the Zombie or Autopsy Palettes!

We hope this guide has been helpful in cracking the code of your makeup-typed loved one. There’s nothing quite like the magic of watching someone’s face as they open a gift and find something they actually love–and will love YOU for it!

Post contributed by J.D. Kraemer

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