Get Your Neon Eyes On!

It seems everywhere you turn, the joltingly bright eye makeup trend is there stealing the show–and not just on fashion runways. Celebrities who have long favored classic looks on the red carpet have been turning heads even more than usual with eyes framed by daring bursts of color. Whether it’s a single flick of neon eyeliner or a multi-hued lid you’re after, here are some of our most popular products to take on this trend like a pro!

Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Color is a pot of liquid makeup saturated into a cushion which controls the amount of product delivered to the mini angled brush. Use it to apply your vibrant cat eye or graphic wing with ease. Vegan & Cruelty-Free, $12 each.

Danessa Myricks Cushion Color

Cozzette Infinite Eyeshadows really deliver when it comes to pigment payoff. These bright matte shadows have such a smooth texture that you can create beautifully-blended electric lids with minimal effort. And because they’re without packaging, you can customize a palette in a snap! Vegan & Cruelty-free, $13 each.

Cozzette Bright Eyeshadow

For those who prefer the convenience of a ready-made palette, Viseart Editorial Brights is a must-have. This pro-favorite brand is renowned for its exceptional formulas and sleek, travel-friendly packaging. With this one palette, you’ll have every color you to need to artfully execute the rainbow-eye look of your dreams. Cruelty-free, $80.

viseart bright eyeshadow palette

Long before ultra-bright colors became a commercial beauty trend, the Kryolan Aquacolor UV-Dayglo Palette was the only way to get your fix of neon color shock. It’s long been a cult-favorite of makeup artists and performers for its vivid shades that also glow under UV light sources. This water-activated makeup is an excellent choice for adventurous types whose makeup looks are not limited to the face. And because it washes off easily with soap and water, it’s also an excellent choice for adding brightly colored pizzazz to children (as needed of course). Cruelty-free, $41.95.

Kryolan UV aquacolor

See all of your beautiful, bright colors in their true glory with the Leopara Makeup Lighting System. This portable makeup light easily attaches to any mirror so you can have professional lighting at home, on vacation, or wherever you need to apply your makeup. It packs away neatly in its travel-friendly Carry Case, which is now also available in gorgeous Electric Pink. $79.

Leopara travel makeup light

Did you know you can search by color on our website for your favorite makeup products? Just go to the Filter By section on the left of the screen, scroll down to Color and choose the swatch you’d like to search. It’s that easy!

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