BeautySoClean: The Brand with A Mission to Keep Makeup Bacteria-Free

Makeup artist Nancy Crossley founded BeautySoClean to create products that uphold the hygienic standards of the professional makeup industry. Here are some of the brand’s most popular items that focus on maintaining a healthy environment, whether on set or at home.

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist is clinically proven to kill bacteria on makeup, including powder, eyeshadow and blush, and cream products like foundation and concealer. It also helps prevent the oil buildup that can occur on pressed powder products, which can not only change how it applies but could even render it unusable. Why take a chance? All you have to do is mist once and wait 10 seconds before closing your compact.

Beautysoclean Makeup santizer test
Image courtesy of BeautySoClean

Regular use will keep your makeup clean and in excellent condition without altering the formula or pigments. Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes are also available for cleaning stick products–lipsticks, blush, concealer, highlighter sticks–with ease.

Wipeout Brush Cleaner is a professional strength, antibacterial brush cleaner that quickly “wipes out” makeup residue along with the bacteria that live on brush bristles. This quick-drying formula contains natural oils and sea salt, an eco-friendly stain remover, so it cleans and sanitizes while also being gentle on your beloved brushes (and on the skin).

LashSoClean is a must-have kit for those who want to get the most out of their favorite false eyelashes by gently cleaning and conditioning them for reuse. It comes with the False Eyelash Sanitizing Mist, which cleans and removes bacteria, along with the dual-ended Lash Tool for removing glue residue. Once finished, place lashes back into their case to protect them until you’re ready to apply again.

eyelash Clean makeup sanitizer

BeautySoClean makes it easy to maintain clean and bacteria-free cosmetic products, and also helps them stay in good condition. That means you’ll get more bang out of your makeup buck, and I think we can all relate to that.

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