Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Launches Today!

What do you get when you mix extreme lipstick devotion with lots of glitter, a little bit of humor, and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll attitude? The Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Lipstick Lovers Bag, our sparkling collaboration with the indie brand founded by makeup artist Angelique Velez.

Breakups to Makeup is known for creating stylish and fun accessories emblazoned with quirky messages of empowerment that champion self-expression and an intense love of makeup. This is certainly true of our Alcone exclusive bag with words inspired by our longtime friend, Downtown NYC performance artist and global fashion muse Kembra Pfahler.

What does it mean?

When she’s not rocking out on stage in theatrical body, Kembra is never without her signature red pout perfectly intact thanks to her lovable (and relatable) beauty secret. When we shared this with Angelique, she said, “It’s so true! If I have to choose, my lipstick is going to win every time!” She also heartily agreed that this is one secret that needed to be let out of the bag, or rather onto one in this case, and the Lipstick Lovers Bag was born.

We are incredibly excited to have collaborated on such a fun project with Angelique and her brand. Not just because she’s part of our artist community and the entrepreneur of a small business just like ours, but also because she totally gets our quirky sense of humor and shares our obsession for all things lipstick.

Now, this all happened before face masks became part of our daily lives. But if truth be told, not even that can stop us from wearing our favorite shade. And if you’ve ever sacrificed the fleeting pleasure of the tastebuds or gone to extreme lengths to protect your own expertly applied makeup, then this dazzling bag is for you! Use it to carry your favorite things–lipstick, eyeliner, palettes, brushes, even your phone–with style.

Is it available without the words?

Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Glitter Lovers Bag
The Glitters Lovers Bag has no words but all of the sparkle!

Yes indeed! If you prefer your glitter straight up, there’s the Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Glitter Lovers Bag (shown above). And if you’re shopping for the perfect gift for the devout makeup lover in your life, the Sparkling Bag Set includes both in a special value set. 

Alcone x Breakups to Makeup Sparkling Bag Set

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